Pinpoint Database Solutions

The name Pinpoint originates from RW Stearns’ ability to identify and classify narrowly-defined job families with "pinpoint" accuracy. Our 24-year history of collecting information and classifying jobs into over 3,000 unique categories has provided a rich set of data from which you can select potential candidates. This ensures accurate position matches and helps recruiters and hiring managers save time.

As a by-product of our other service offerings, these Database Solutions can turn our recruiting clients into heroes. Our customers come to us with some of the most challenging recruiting assignments. RW Stearns has developed a highly-effective system for categorizing individuals based upon job functions, allowing us to quickly identify relevant candidate profiles for you. Within 1-2 days we are generally able to present an excellent stream of potential candidates that recruiters can convert to hires! We provide fast solutions at a very reasonable cost, particularly considering the current expense per hire incurred by companies using other recruiting tools. The project managers at RW Stearns are able to study recruiters' needs and recommend possible target companies, providing candidates quickly and effectively.

The Process

You simply provide your criteria - keywords, technologies, geography restrictions, job titles, specific industries or companies - and we will do the rest. You can come to our office in downtown San Francisco to preview the results, or we can e-mail you a report showing the profiles of the most promising candidates. You review and select the candidates that interest you, prior to purchase. For all database solutions, we do require that you select at least 20 candidates to increase your chances of making a hire. Before sending you the selected profiles, we confirm that the people are still with their companies. By leveraging qualified candidates that we have obtained through previous research efforts this can be an extremely cost and time-effective solution.

The Cost

Your cost for this is $25 for each selected candidate who is still employed by their company.

Since our Database Solution Reports are merely by-products of our Recruitment Research & Profiling results, the samples in those sections are representative.

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