General Information

What is your fee structure?
Our fees are based solely on the final product we deliver.† We do not charge 'setup' fees, nor do we bill by the hour.† The cost of each project is quoted in our proposals and is based on a combination of complexity (i.e. project scope) and/or the number of candidates we identify. † Please contact us for pricing information.
How long does a project take to complete?
The answer depends on which type of service we are performing.
  • Tactical Intelligence, Organizational Mapping, and Recruitment Research projects typically require approximately 10-14 working days depending on the complexity.
  • Profiling Services will typically begin yielding a steady stream of candidates after a few days.†
  • Database Solutions have the quickest turnaround time - usually about two or three days.
Can multiple services be contracted at once?
Yes.† We may, for instance, provide Recruitment Research followed by Profiling Services on the names you feel are most promising from the research. It is also not uncommon for us to be conducting both Tactical Intelligence Research and Recruitment Research projects for the same client concurrently.
How do you handle Billing?
Billing is done on a standard net-30 basis.† We send invoices at the completion of a research project. Profiling services are billed weekly as profiles are completed.

Recruitment Research

How is RW Stearns different from an employment agency?
Our services are designed to complement your strengths.† We provide the candidates and let you focus on recruiting, interviewing and hiring.† This is an extremely cost-effective method of finding qualified candidates for your positions.† While an employment agency operates on a contingency basis, getting paid if/when you make the hire, our compensation is based on the material we provide you.† On average cost per hire is approximately $5,000 - much lower than the typical agency fee of $20,000-$35,000.
How is RW Stearns different from a retained search firm?
We do not operate as a retained search firm in that we primarily provide information. † When you purchase candidate names from us (research, database reports, or profiles), you are responsible for final recruiting and hiring.
Do you have a minimum fee?
We do not have a minimum fee, although we do accept only those projects that we feel have a good chance of resulting in a hire for our clients.† One important component of this process is providing our clients with enough candidates to work with.† Accordingly, our average project consists of 50-100 candidates provided to our clients.† Frequently, we can provide a solution from our database of past research results. Please contact us for pricing information.
What type of positions do you specialize in?
Our services cover a comprehensive range of job families focused within a variety of service and development professional industries.† Whether your hiring needs are in product development, manufacturing, test, product marketing, sales, customer service, field support or upper management, our research capabilities are unparalleled. This includes all levels, from the highest level of management to individual contributor roles.
On average, how many candidates do I need to get a hire?
This depends upon many factors, including the attractiveness of both the client and candidate companies, the appeal of the new position offered by the client, geographical requirements, etc. Since we identify individuals based upon their job functions rather than upon their openness to change companies, some of them may not be interested in leaving their current position (these are "passive candidates").† Our goal is for our clients to have several interested and qualified candidates per position with whom to do final interviewing. Since our founding in 1984, we have seen that, on average, 50-100 candidates are needed by our clients in order to yield a hire.†

Candidate Development

Can you pre-screen the candidates for me?
Yes. RW Stearns specializes in "Candidate Development", also known as profiling. For an additional charge, we will contact the people you select from our custom research (or a list of candidates that you already have). We will then not only ask them if they would be interested in discussing your open opportunity, but also find out key facts about their background.
What information do you obtain?
At a minimum, this will include: The educational institution they attended and highest degree obtained, how many years they have been with their current employer and their capacity there, and how long they have been in the industry. Obviously, this information can be in great detail if a person is interested in the opportunity and can even include current resumes, level of compensation, or any other questions that are important to your project. See our Profiling (link) section for more information and actual examples.
I donít want my competitor(s) to know I am calling their employees. Is this a problem?
RW Stearns understands an organization's need for privacy and anonymity. We can present your opportunity, assess interest and field resumes anonymously. Alternatively, we can disclose your company name at any given time during which the opportunity is presented- such as when the prospective candidate shows interest in discussing the opportunity. Please discuss privacy options with a member of our staff to create a Candidate Development strategy that will best meet your needs.

Tactical Intelligence & Organizational Mapping

Can RW Stearns acquire trade secrets or proprietary information?
We will not conduct any research projects designed to acquire trade secrets or proprietary Information. When conducting research, we comply with all applicable laws, domestic and international.
How is tactical intelligence different from competitive intelligence?
Competitive Intelligence is commonly divided into Strategic Intelligence, Tactical Intelligence, and Operational Intelligence. The activities in each of these areas can range from war gaming to studying Corporate SEC filings. RW Stearns specializes in the tactical aspect of intelligence gathering which usually has a focus on the short term, tends to be real time, and is fact based rather than predictive or speculative.
Do you conduct market research?
We do not conduct customer surveys, field tests, or focus groups. Nor do we investigate market segments or market trends. However, our research is often centered on the sales process of an organization with a focus related to the "4 Pís" of the marketing mix, and answer questions about a particular companyís policies and practices in regards to Products, Prices, Place and Promotion.
How are organizational charts used?
Organizational charts are used for long term strategic recruitment planning, organizational benchmarking, and organizational planning. Many companies are interested in how their competitors organize their workforce, especially when planning the restructuring that follows a merger or a major reorganization. Organizational charts can also reveal information such as the size and geographic distribution of sales force. As more and more companies seek to expand (or optimize) their global presence, there is increasing interest in understanding how the most successful companies are strategically deploying their global workforce.