Getting Started

Please contact us, and one of our staff will be ready to assist you. Below are a few steps that can help us expedite your request.

Determine Your Need

Passive Candidate Recruiting & Sourcing

It would be helpful to have a job specification for the position you are trying to fill ready when you call us. Additional information that can save time upfront includes desired target companies and geographic restrictions.

Organizational Chart Mapping & Tactical Competitive Intelligence

Please have a clear idea of your particular need, including potential target companies, which business areas you may have interest in, and how many levels you would like us to map (i.e. from the CEO and three levels down, or the head of marketing and all people reporting under him/her).

Other examples of questions you might have us answer:

RFP (Recruiting / Sourcing)
Your Name
Your Phone Number
Your Email Address
Job Title Sought
Required Skills
RFP (Competitive Intelligence)
Your Name
Your Phone Number
Your Email Address
Desired Information