Since the bursting of the "tech bubble", technology executives everywhere have been forced to remain focused on improving bottom-line operational costs while investing in new technologies that hold out the promise of top-line growth. Accomplishing this is no easy task; the technology sector faces ever-increasing pressure to reduce production costs, in the face of larger competitors who have "economy of scale" working in their favor.

For almost 25 years, RW Stearns has provided the Technology industry with skilled expertise, as well as insights into some of the most challenging companies and job families. We have unmatched knowledge and experience working with clients from the Semiconductor, Networking, Storage & Storage Management, Software, Capital Equipment, Consumer Electronics, Online & Ecommerce and Computing & Peripherals sectors.


Well known for both rapid growth and cyclical volatility, the Semiconductor industry is unique in its effect on many other sectors, including being a key motivator for economic growth of many world economies. It is this global reach that makes the industry subject to worldwide competition. Semiconductor companies spend as much as 20% of their annual revenue on research and development, to keep them on the frontier of technology and respond to their clients' ever changing demands.

RW Stearns has a long history of helping companies meet the challenge of locating individuals with the specific talents necessary for developing and marketing their products, as well as forecasting future needs in the industry. We can also give our clients the information necessary for them to stay on the competitive edge.

Following is a small sampling of our many successful Semiconductor industry projects:

  • IC Design Engineers, DSP - Our client was looking to fill two individual contributor positions in the area of digital signal processing IC Design. Integrated Circuit design engineers are in high demand, especially those who have experience in the DSP world. Within 8 days, our client was provided a list of 80 names to call - instantly pleasing her hiring manager due to the quality and quantity of candidates now in the pipeline.

  • Product Marketing Managers, Power Management - A leading analog chip manufacturer was tirelessly spending hours and hours sifting through resumes of unqualified candidates. After a brief conference call between the Director and our staff, we had mapped out a plan to identify all relevant PMMs located within very specific divisions and product groups at several top competitors. We delivered 60 names of Product Marketing Managers handling Power Management IC products, including DC-DC converters, voltage regulators, LED drivers, MOSFETS, etc.


Their services increasingly in demand in this interconnected world, networking companies are moving at light speed to develop faster optical, wireless, and broadband technologies. In an industry awash with different protocols, RW Stearns seeks to bridge the gap between you and the talent that you seek. We understand the latest trends and terms and can help you unravel complex problems to understand the competition you face on a global level.

Our clients include systems and components companies for the following products/technologies: switches/ routers, SONET/SDH, DWDM (long haul), PON, metro access, mesh networks, wireless base station, DSL, network & element management software, and many more.

Following is a small sampling of our many successful Networking industry projects:

  • Software Engineers, Layer 2/3 Protocol Stack Development - Our client was looking to fill an embedded software development engineering position that required experience with OSI Layers 2 and 3 (TCP/IP). After an extensive target list was generated and reviewed by the client, the research activity commenced. We provided more than 60 qualified engineers, and our client was thrilled. More than one hire was made from this report.

  • Hardware Design Engineers (Board Level) - A midsize datacom equipment company requested that we identify 100 Hardware Engineers who were responsible for board level hardware design for high speed networking products. Experience using logic analyzers, oscilloscopes and other test equipment was also important to this role. The end result was an ecstatic customer with a pipeline full of candidates, and pending offers.

Storage & Storage Management

With new consumer applications being developed and strategic technical partnerships on the rise, the Storage and Storage Management industries are poised for growth.

Whether researching traditional disk drive companies or cutting edge virtualization and clustering systems companies, RW Stearns will make any staffing plan or intelligence initiative a success. We have worked for SAN/NAS companies, researching iSCSI, Fibre Channel, HBA product groups and many more.

Relevant positions we have sourced include: Signal Integrity Engineers, Device Driver Software Development Engineers, MR Head Development Organizations, File Systems Developers, Servo Engineers, Linux Kernel Developers, and many more.


Within the Technology industry, the Software sector has experienced a shift from traditional delivery models. Software licensing and maintenance fee models are giving way to subscription-based "Software as a Service" delivery models. From enterprise software to shrink-wrap gaming software, RW Stearns understands the challenges that face this vast and ever-evolving sector.

Clients include leading CRM / ERP companies, MRP / supply chain development organizations, desktop applications vendors, systems software houses, and many more.

Following is a small sampling of our many successful Software industry projects:

  • Product Managers / 3D Graphics Animators, Gaming - Our client, an International gaming organization heralded for talented game developers, was interested in targeting specific organizations within competitors and obtaining the names and titles of both product management personnel as well as animators. We delivered a total of 65 individuals, with more than a dozen coming from specific International locations. Not only did this result in a hire for our client, but they were also armed with strategic data that would prove useful as their organization continued their growth.

  • Software Engineers, .NET / C# - Our client was a video streaming organization with multiple product groups. Locating individual contributors who have experience with specific software languages can be a challenge for many research firms. Most won't take such an assignment. At RW Stearns, we excel at these searches by studying the landscape utilizing numerous online tools, and most importantly, targeting the right companies. The end result was a 60-name deliverable that enabled our client to hit the ground running.

Capital Equipment

The Capital Equipment industry, which includes companies from the Semiconductor Fabrication, Inspection and Test equipment sector, has experienced its fair share of market volatility. Known as a cyclical industry, companies in this space invest heavily in new technologies, while creating strategic partnerships. They must stay current on competitive product and service offerings. This is where RW Stearns can help.

We have completed numerous tactical intelligence as well as staffing projects for clients within the Capital Equipment industry, many of which were International. Additionally, our staff is very knowledgeable of the job families that exist within wafer fabrication environments.

Following is a small sampling of our many successful Capital Equipment industry projects:

  • FAE Organization - A newer client was fascinated by the concept of mapping out one of their competitor's Field Applications Engineering organization. Because of numerous openings that existed across the country, our strategy was to conduct a top/down approach and identify the entire organization. Our client was thrilled to see the final organizational chart, and recognized the strategic value of this report.

  • Process Development Engineers, CVD - Our client, a well-known semiconductor equipment company, asked that we research a handful of competitors and identify the Process Development Engineers who were currently responsible for developing new processes for chemical vapor deposition (CVD) systems used in the fabrication of silicon wafers. Over 75 individuals were identified from multiple locations throughout the U.S.

Consumer Electronics

The Consumer Electronics industry, possibly more than any other, tends to be the sounding board for the entire Technology sector. After all of the R&D activity - from the wafer, to the chip, to the board, to the system - the real test comes when the consumer decides whether the device is both appealing and useful.

RW Stearns has partnered with the consumer products divisions of some of the largest companies in the industry. We have also worked with small start-up companies, who are working vigorously to get their product into the marketplace before the technology, and their competitors, catch up.

Our clients in this sector have included manufacturers of set-top boxes, mobile phones, PDAs, LCD TVs, printers, and many more.

Online & Ecommerce

The Online & Ecommerce sector has experienced its fair share of ups and downs. An industry predicated on growth potential, companies in this sector have many challenges that face them. With revenues still largely dependent on advertising, many companies have changed their business models to incorporate fee-based models. Traditional ecommerce sites have discovered new revenue sources, whether through data warehousing, or data backup.

Once a haven for investment activity, companies, and the VC organizations who fund them, have become more and more cautious when making business decisions, whether it be for tactical intelligence initiatives, or knowing when to scale the business with the hiring of new talent.

The project managers at RW Stearns not only have a deep understanding of the competitive landscape, but an unsurpassed knowledge of the technical job families that exist within this ever-evolving sector. Clients have included those companies owning mission-critical sites in the financial, entertainment, airline and search index space, as well as traditional ecommerce vendors who provide both B2B and B2C products/solutions.

Following is a small sampling of our many successful Online and eCommerce industry projects:

  • Organizational Mapping, Data Warehousing - Our client, a well-known player in the online entertainment space, asked that we research a handful of target companies and provide the upper management structure of the groups responsible for developing and/or maintaining Data Warehouse operations used to manage customer data, search queries and results, manage inventory of goods/services provided to customers. Our deliverable was provided in organizational chart format, and the client was thrilled with the results. This was a very high profile project with executive level visibility.

  • UI Engineers / Designers - Our client was interested in identifying the UI Engineers & Designers who had expertise with storyboards, prototypes and the interaction between product management and software design. We identified 60 relevant individuals for their search, all within the requested geographical area.

Computing & Peripherals

The Computing sector (both enterprise and desktop) has experienced much consolidation over the past decade. Although fewer players are left in the consumer desktop space, new products are being offered by companies that are not so well known - both in the computing and peripherals markets.

The consumer desktop market is driven by high-volume manufacturing, low prices, and the latest features. It is almost exclusively hardware sales, while the enterprise computing market is often about turnkey solutions that may include storage management, custom software application development, service agreements, and systems integration. As a result, the sales cycle can be long, and equipment service and maintenance assumes a much more important role.

RW Stearns partners with many of the leading companies in both the computing and peripherals markets. These companies have grown to rely on the research that we provide, enabling them to meet annual staffing plan objectives, as well as provide intelligence around benchmarking initiatives.

Following is a small sampling of our many successful Computing & Peripherals industry projects:

  • Competitive Intelligence - Our client was a mid-size competitive intelligence firm, who had recently received approval from a computer hardware manufacturer to work on a large scale project that included numerous facets. Our organization was tasked with providing the organizational structure and size of a particular company's manufacturing and distribution groups. Our deliverable was a detailed organizational chart indicating all reporting relationships and total headcounts for the requested organization.

  • Human Factors Engineers - Our client, a leading manufacturer of consumer peripheral devices, was seeking Engineers who had expertise in human factors design. These individuals are in high demand, and have many options available to them - making this job family a perfect candidate for recruitment research. Not only did our client make a high caliber hire, they were now armed with more than 60 potential candidates for future openings.