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Candidate Development

Let us make the cold calls for you. Recruiters know how difficult and time consuming it is to reach and recruit potential candidates on the phone - especially when engaged in passive candidate recruiting. Let us save you time and frustration in generating candidates for your position.

Outsourcing candidate development activity is in increasing demand, as candidates with specialized skill sets are so heavily recruited that they rarely return recruiters' calls. Our staff of profilers is both persistent & cordial as they engage potential candidates, and fill our clients' pipeline with a steady flow of candidates. These recruiters are dedicated solely to the profiling of candidates for our clients. They are highly trained and can present your job opportunities in a professional and technically competent manner.

Our First Contact Services can maximize the effectiveness of your search by:

Profiling is also a logical combination with our Recruitment Research and Database Solution service offerings. Focus your efforts only on the most viable and experienced candidates. At RW Stearns, we can help you take an active approach to passive candidate recruiting.