Retail & Consumer Goods

The Retail and Consumer Goods sectors have seen revolutionary changes occur over the past few years. The growth of the online marketplace and increasing segmentation of today's consumers are just two of the many factors that have forced retailers and producers of final goods to not only rethink traditional business practices, but to also increase their emphasis on recruiting top talent. RW Stearns has consistently proven itself to be a robust solution for Retail and Consumer Goods companies looking to increase their share in today's market by providing answers to competitive intelligence questions, as well as providing them with the people they need for their mission-critical positions.

Following is a small sampling of our many successful Retail & Consumer Goods industry projects:

  • Director of Materials Design, Footwear / Athletic Apparel - Our client, a renowned provider of footwear and athletic apparel, was looking to fill a Director of Materials Design position within their product development organization. We were able to provide them with 32 relevant individuals responsible for developing and/or managing the creative vision and strategies for color, materials and trends as they related to footwear, apparel, raw fabrics or other textiles such as automotive interiors. We identified these individuals from key players in the following sectors: 1) Apparel / Footwear; 2) Automotive Interiors; and 3) Textiles.

  • Competitive Intelligence: Food and Beverages - Our client, one of the largest breweries in the United States, was interested in learning more about size and structure of the sales force of one of its top competitors after it had undergone a merger. For this project we identified the head of North American sales and all individuals reporting under this person down to and including the first-line sales managers. We then determined the headcounts, under each manager, showing the total number of sales representatives reporting to each.

  • Regional Operations Managers, Retail - Our client, a retailer of high-end kitchenware, furniture and other housewares, needed to fill a Regional Manager position. An industry norm is for a company to have "District Managers" who directly oversee store managers. Overseeing these "District Managers" are "Regional Managers". From 25 of our clients' direct and indirect competitors, we were able to provide them with the names of 98 relevant individuals.