We have completed thousands of recruitment research projects, both domestic & international, using both tactical and strategic approaches. Below is a small sampling of recently completed projects in the Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Financial Services, and Consumer Goods sectors. If you would like to review more examples that may be specific to your industry, please visit our Industries Page.

In the below data, the reporting structure of the groups is denoted by indents such that subordinates for a particular individual will be shown as indented below them. Additional people are often included in our results to illustrate the reporting structure of groups, and we mark them with asterisks in the project results to denote that they are being provided at no cost.

Pharmaceutical Recruitment Research

Need: Client was originally interested in obtaining 100 names within a specific Health Outcomes Research organization. However, due to the multiple position openings that resided within our client company, we suggested a more strategic approach whereby we would identify the entire Health Outcomes organization. They saw the benefits of that approach and requested that we provide reporting structure in organizational chart format.

Deliverable: Organizational Chart (including Names, Titles, and Contact information for Recruiting purposes)

Semiconductor Recruitment Research

Need: Client was having difficulties obtaining qualified candidates for an IC Design Engineer position who had DSP (Digital Signal Processing) design experience.

Deliverable: 60 names of IC Design Engineers who were specific to DSP design, split between two separate geographies.

Leading Semiconductor Co.
City, State

*Susan Wang - Manager, IC Design, DSP

Jeff Jones - IC Design Engineer, DSP

Josh Diviac - IC Design Engineer, DSP (Cell: 512-555-2121)

Brad Liegler - IC Design Engineer, DSP (Cell: 512-555-2112) (bliegler@semi.com)

He Xian - IC Design Engineer, DSP

Brian Kim - IC Design Engineer, DSP

Leading Competitor Semiconductor Co.
City, State

*George Lin - Director, IC Design

*Nick Reddy - Manager, IC Design, DSP
Tim Rubinstein - IC Design Engineer, DSP

Stella Smith - IC Design Engineer, DSP (s.smith@lsco.com)

Financial Services Recruitment Research

Need: Client requested that we research the Consumer Mortgage & Lending groups within their predetermined list of specific companies and identify the individuals who had some or all of the following responsibilities: Deliverable: List of over 100 names of individuals actively doing some or all of the above responsibilities at the companies our client was focused on.

Leading Banking Institution

Bob Smith - Portfolio Manager II, Secondary Marketing (888-555-1001)

James Benson - First Vice President / Manager, Risk Management, Modeling, Analytics & Capital Markets (206-554-8525)

David Kuo - Vice President / Portfolio Analyst Trader

Tu Viet - Vice President / Portfolio Manager, Risk Management

Beth Maasberg - Vice president / Portfolio Manager, Analytics
Retief Hamburg - Portfolio Analyst Trader, Analytics

Gerald Thompson - Portfolio Analyst Trader, Analytics
Note: James Benson's group is responsible for analytics & modeling for secondary marketing.

Consumer Goods Recruitment Research

Need: Client requested we research a competitor's Worldwide Sourcing & Procurement organization, including the head of their supply chain. They were looking to build a world-class sourcing organization, and had a number of specific companies in mind for this endeavor.

Deliverable: Organizational Chart (including Names, Titles, and Contact information for Recruiting purposes)