Recruitment Research Sourcing Solutions

Finding qualified people is often a challenge, especially if your open position requires unique job skills or experience. Recruitment Research is the most comprehensive approach to filling these unique employment needs. Through our passive candidate sourcing services, we can identify the people at specific companies who possess the desired functional skills. This approach is most effective when you have fairly specific job requirements that cannot be filled with conventional recruiting methods, such as advertisements and job fairs, or if there are a limited number of people at any given company that would meet your requirements. Learn More

Tactical Competitive Intelligence / Organizational Mapping

Our Competitive Intelligence projects result in organizational charts that provide “deep drill-down” views into an organization, and are often used for organizational benchmarking purposes. These charts reflect complete names, titles, organizational functions, and optional headcount numbers for targeted companies, or specific divisions/departments within companies. Learn More

"First Contact" Profiling & Candidate Development

In this day and age, time is the most valuable commodity, and as everything moves increasingly online, many companies don’t have the time to use the phone like they used to. Do you have a list of conference or trade show attendees that you would like to contact and recruit? Perhaps you have a stack of resumes of people needing to be screened? You might even have a large number of names of employees from a direct competitor that you do not feel comfortable contacting. Our profiling services can help you with your recruiting efforts in these situations. We have a full-time staff of professional profilers who contact and screen potential candidates for our clients. Learn More

"Pinpoint" Database Solutions

Our 24-year history of collecting information and classifying jobs into over 3,000 unique categories has provided a rich set of data from which you can select potential passive candidates. Pinpoint Database Solutions provides you with a fast and easy answer to your recruitment sourcing needs. Learn More

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